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Bruce McKenzie is an outstanding guitarist and composer. An American who lives and records in Europe, he’s just released his third album, DESTINATIONS, and I promise you that Mr. McKenzie will be a top-of-mind name in Smooth Jazz moving forward from here. His musical brilliance shines on this new project. He’s a one-man band, and that includes vocal refrains, plus… all 12 of the songs are Bruce McKenzie originals, ranging from the delightful “Summer Breeze” to the energetic “One Way;” from the compelling “Why” and “Can He Love You (Like I Do)” to the lovely ballad “Try To Forget.” He’s equally adept at both classic jazz and acoustic guitars. His compositions are lyrical and first-rate. In other words, Bruce McKenzie’s definitely got the chops, the sound, and the savvy to go places in this music genre. As he puts it, “Smooth Jazz is a great way to express feelings and inner perspectives and reflections of experiences.” So, with an extensive Gospel background (he believes that music is paramount in his personal ministry) and a true passion for his craft, Bruce McKenzie clearly knows what he’s doing, a fact that will become abundantly clear to you when you check out his impressive new release, DESTINATIONS. This is a recording that sounds as compelling and as genuine as the man who created it, and I, for one, am genuinely impressed with his art. By the way, part of the proceeds of this release are going to Fisher House - A home away from home in support of America's military families in their time of need. (

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